Maintenance Plans

Over the years Hadafsolutions was providing Hosting, Network and Business solutions for it’s customers, as we believe that pioneering web services and solutions will not be just perfect without mastering the Hosting and Network Solutions. By time Hadafsolutions developed it’s own cloud infra-structure, and our strict SLA that preserves all customer’s rights, not to mention that Hadafsolutions has a dedicated Arabic support team that all their concern is to keep our customers satisfied.

HostFlex is a Hosting, Cloud and Business solutions unit in Hadafsolutions since 2011.
RootGate inspiration comes from the CLOUD. It owns a cloud infra-structure, and most of all HostFlex is client centric. HostFlex’s list of prior and present customers proves that our services are on the level of excellence and supremacy as global market. HostFlex has been known among our customers by being highly responsive and professional in what we do; that’s why our customers’ data base is increasing rapidly. HostFlex main goal is to ease your hosting life for your business, and guarantee great ROI.

HostFlex build and manage cloud applications
Because HostFlex concerns about our clients business, we provoke a new service and named it “managed hosting”.  This service offers you the opportunity to run and operate your own business smoothly.simply and easily without the familiar IT problems. We are available 24/7/365 whether you are an Arabic/English speaker.
Managed Hosting is a managed service provided by HostFlex for several years with proven track record.
It is structured to help customers meet:
Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs): The point in time to which data will be recovered following a disaster or disruption of service in order to bypass any undesired sequels.
Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs): Duration of time in which a business process must be restored after a disaster or disruption of service in order to avoid unacceptable consequences.
Managed Hosting services include:

  • The Managed Hosting environment that is self-healing and automated (MHE) for:
          -Virtual hosting: server and storage infrastructure.
          -Physical hosting: server and storage infrastructure.
  • Test and development environments.
  • Operating system (OS) support and maintenance.
          -Professional assistance for customers to make sure the OS and the underlying infrastructure are configured to meet the requirements of the application.
  • Server monitoring and alerting.
  • Enterprise backup infrastructure.
  • Professional services.   
Managed Hosting Services involve a common set of tools for monitoring/alerting, capacity management, performance management and metrics reporting.
As customer application environments and equipment are migrated into the State’s enterprise data centers, the equipment becomes part of HADAFSOLUTIONS’s managed services and will be leveraged to support IT consolidation and migration activities.


HADAFSOLUTIONS’s Managed Hosting guarantees the uptime of the MHE. However, because individual applications vary in design and architecture; application-level availability cannot be guaranteed. In order to meet required application uptimes, some applications may need to be designed to tolerate MHE failures (e.g., clustering, load balancing).

We promise you:
-Backed Up.
-High security.
-Scalability without downtime.
-Speed, no matter how much traffic you get.
-Better performance.
-Separate Database server, separated the front-end, and back-end.
-High stability.
-High availability.
-Easy to upgrade.
-Good technical support.