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Our Services

Mobile Apps

We provide guidance and assistance to our clients, even after the application launch. We help them in strategizing for maximum user-acquisition. We provide analytics and other similar solutions to you, so that your application can reach its true potential.
HADAFSOLUTIONS COMPANY offers industry-leading mobile app development strategies as well as mobile app development consulting to dig deep into your app’s concept, potential functionality and overall utility, ensuring that you truly do build a profitable business model.
The pinnacle of our app development services, we help you see what you can't. We've been down this road have seen alot of mobile projects from concept to launch. Our goal is to not only turn your vision into reality, but to guide you with best practices along the way. Your success is our success.
Mobile Apps
Web Design

Web Design

Here at HADAFSOLUTIONS company, we'll work hand in hand with you to build an innovative website or online campaign with all of the factors required for success. We listen, research, plan, implement and evaluate. Then we start the cycle again for persistent improvement.Because every business is unique, we don't believe in such thing as a 'one­size­fits­all' strategy when it comes to web design.sure you need a website that looks beautiful, works fantastic on all platforms and is easy to manage. Our skilled team can help you create a robust website with pretty design, seamless usability, rich functionality and powerful performance that will impress your customers and drive growth on your business.

Web Development

Logic designs from the leading companies in web development in egypt, Our highly experienced web development team has created a lot of applications, Such as applications for Excursions, Travel Agency,Online Payment, real estate management, online shopping, wholesale ordering, newsletter and mailing lists, Also website updating and hospitals management systems,  Whether you are developing a new website or application or looking to improve the effectiveness of your current website or application, Logic Designs are Glad to help.
We can provide custom develop  website or application  based on your specific requirements.  Either way, our consultants will provide you with the most efficient solution for your business needs. we  develop solutions to your company which will make your company operate more Efficiently and reduce time wasted
Web Development


Search Engine Optimization is essential to success. Our SEO strategies will earn your site a higher ranking in search results.. We provide enormous and comprehensive solutions and services including search engine optimization, link building, social media marketing, content writing, keyword research and we also provide top notch website designs. Our professional experts and consultants use the latest and sharpest tools and techniques to achieve service superiority and prevalence.
. We will help you to boost traffic and bump your brand up to the top of the rankings with our customized, innovative, and performance-driven solutions.We have the talent and experience to create amazing website and manage national and local  SEO compaigns.


Computer networking knowledge is a specialized niche that is
becoming increasingly more complex. Your business depends on a
functioning, optimized and secure network available to handle the
workload 24/7.
Keep your computers operating at their peak performance all the
times. Having reliable computers will improve your employees'
Monitoring provides visibility into your network allowing us to more quickly determine and address the root cause of many server issues, and reduce the task of issue diagnosis. This results in cost savings and reduction of downtime.We offer a variety of plans, all of which can be customized to meet your needs.
Our computer maintenance plans comprise of:
∙ Antivirus software checkups
∙ Disk space utilisation
∙ Disk drive health check
∙ Defragmentation of hard drives
∙ Troubleshooting hardware and software issues
∙ Purging of temporary internet files on weekly basis
∙ Installed software checkups
∙ Check log files
∙ Installing necessary updates, service packs, and more
Web Hosting

Web Hosting

Over the years Hadafsolutions was providing Hosting, Network and Business solutions for it’s customers, as we believe that pioneering web services and solutions will not be just perfect without mastering the Hosting and Network Solutions. By time Hadafsolutions developed it’s own cloud infra-structure, and our strict SLA that preserves all customer’s rights, not to mention that Hadafsolutions has a dedicated Arabic support team that all their concern is to keep our customers satisfied.

HostFlex is a Hosting, Cloud and Business solutions unit in Hadafsolutions since 2011.
HostFlex inspiration comes from the CLOUD. It owns a cloud infra-structure, and most of all HostFlex is client centric. HostFlex’s list of prior and present customers proves that our services are on the level of excellence and supremacy as global market. HostFlex has been known among our customers by being highly responsive and professional in what we do; that’s why our customers’ data base is increasing rapidly. HostFlex main goal is to ease your hosting life for your business, and guarantee great ROI.