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Web Hosting Service

It’s always said that a good online business need a super speedy web host, The above well-said lead to the following questions, what is web hosting?, do I need a web hosting provider?,  why? And finally how can I trust in web hosting provided service.

Web hosting is a kind of internet hosting service which allows users to access your website via World Wide Web by reserving a space for your website data on a big server designed especially for hosting websites and make it accessible for all users.

You will definitely need a web hosting provider if you are planning to have any kind of online presence such as a website or web application so the provider can rent you a space on a trusted server to host your data and make it available/accessible on the internet

Hadaf solutions is one of the leading web hosting service companies in Egypt providing hosting service to any kind of online business as we are dealing only with Fast, stable and High-performance servers in USA, where we can guarantee that your website will be online all the time without having any problem.

if you goggled with web hosting solutions or web hosting service you will find thousands of companies offering web hosting service but we really advice you to have your hosting service with only trusted companies because you may spend a lot of money to build a website or web app and finally get it down most of the time because of the bad hosting service

All Hadaf solutions hosting servers are secured and highly protected from spam access with 24/7 support and high capability of fixing hosting problem within few minutes.

We are offering you different Packages for web hosting service with different data space to match your business volume with high flexibility of making upgrades from package to another and renewal hosting notification service.

Our Web Hosting Sergice Guarntee:-

-Backed Up.

-High security.


-Scalability without downtime.

-Speed, no matter how much traffic you get.

-Better performance.

-Separate Database server, separated the front-end, and back-end.

-High stability.

-High availability.

-Easy to upgrade.

-Good technical support.