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since Hurghada is a growing community Hadaf Solution decided to be the First Company offering E Marketing courses in Hurghada and upper Egypt to help those are eagerly looking for an E Marketing course in Hurghada, but have no time to travel to Cairo and Alexandria for a long time to have this course.

is our Digital Marketing couses include SEO, SEM & SMO Skills?

deffinitly yes, in our E Markeing course and SEO diploma we will teach you evrything about SEO -Search engine optimization-, and how to optimize your website to be ranked well in Google and generat organic traffic to your website, we will show the main tools for SEM -search engine marketing-  and how to make a Google adword compaings, the secrets of SMO -Social Media Optimization as well.

before we go through our SEO Cources and E marketing Diploma details, we advice you to read the answeres of the below questions.
why I need to be online?
  • all if your competitors are already there.
  • users expect the highest convenience and information at their fingertips.
  • Customers are fickle. They will not expend a lot of energy to find your office.
  • Online marketing is almost always cheaper and more targeted than traditional
  • Mobile is now extension of our hands so you have chance to be reachable all the time
  • over 60 % of selling, buying and service processes are done online globally so if you are not online you will lose 60 % from your targeted Market
why should I start learning E Marketing?
  • simply because the other types of Traditional Marketing are nearly not Existing those days, because of the high expenses and very limited effectiveness compared to Digital Marketing.
  • if you would like to be existing in the Market of any field you should start learning E Marketing.
  • E Marketing gives you a chance to start your small business at very low cost, just a well designed Website and an E Marketing Diploma and you will be at the heart of the Market and compete with Mega competitors.
for what kind of Business E Marketing is needed for?

we can say that any kind of business need to be online even if you have a small glossary or big Travel agency
any kind of business needs an online interface (website), even if they will not sell or offer service online, but they need to be online to be reachable for any online search about any goods or services.
what Types of E Marketing and SEO courses we are offering in Hurghada?

we are offering 3 types of E Marketing courses covering all main topics of the Digital Marketing from Basic level till advanced levels

E Marketing & SEO Diploma
Advanced SEO Secrets Diploma
Advanced AdWords & Branding name course